Leopold Hoesch
Niels Negendank
Nicholas von Brauchitsch
ZDFtheaterkanal / 3sat / ZDFdokukanal / arte
1 x 30'
Nepomuk Nitschke
Bremer Theater

A fresh wind from the north: In the 1960s, the theatre in Bremen was considered the most innovative stage in the Federal Republic. Intendant Kurt Hübner had gathered a crowd of young talents around him who tried out new forms of theatre and revolutionised European theatre. Actors like Hannelore Hoger, Vadim Glowna, Jutta Lampe, Bruno Ganz and directors like Peter Stein, Klaus Michael Grüber, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, George Tabori and Peter Zadek provoked with new ways of playing and divided the audience.

The Bremen theatre found an expression for the youthful-revolutionary attitude to life of the 60s. People were quick to speak of the "Bremen style", which continues to have an effect today. In recent years, the Bremen Theatre has made national headlines with eye-catching productions of plays such as Hans Kresnik's "Ten Commandments", which were accompanied by attacks and death threats, and Karl Kraus " The Last Days of Mankind".

Esther Schweins introduces Bremen Theatre and its exciting history. Intendant Kurt Hübner and the current head of the four-part theatre Klaus Pierwoß have their say. Archive footage from the productions of "The Robbers", directed by Peter Zadek, with Bruno Ganz in the PopArt stage design or "Spring Awakening" with Vadim Glowna and Judy Winter, who also talks about her time in Bremen in an interview, are not missing. In addition, former Bremen mayor Hans Koschnick, who ruled for almost two decades, tells his view of the "wild sixties".

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