Leopold Hoesch
Thomas Staehler
Nicholas von Brauchitsch
ZDFtheaterkanal / 3sat / ZDFdokukanal
1 x 30'
Lars Roland
Theater Konstanz

Constance in the three-country corner is a holiday paradise and invites you to go sailing, surfing and hiking. But the city not only has Lake Constance with its beautiful landscape to offer, but above all history - including theatre history. The oldest theatre in Germany is located here - with almost four hundred years of stage history.

A tradition that has its roots in the Middle Ages. In 1604, the Jesuits founded one of the city's many monasteries and thus also laid the foundation stone of the Constance Theatre. The first theatre performances took place in the Jesuit Gymnasium of the monastery. To this day, this building serves as a theatre for the people of Constance.

Esther Schweins introduces the Theatre of Constance and points out the special features of the Jesuit Theatre and tells of Prince Napoleon, later Emperor Napoleon III, who had his visits to the theatre accompanied by paid cheers. Intendant Hans J. Ammann has his say, who revived the tradition of the summer theatre on the lake in the mid-1980s together with the writer Martin Walser. Intendant Rainer Mennicken is strongly committed to the interests of this "young theatre", founding and organising a transnational youth theatre festival under the name "Triangle". Mennicken also brings the up-and-coming director Dagmar Schlingmann to Constance, who has been in charge of the theatre since 2001.

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