Broadcast Series: How do we want to love?

"How do we want to love?" - the title makes it clear that love does not just fall anywhere, but that there is also a will to it. And so we ask ourselves, lovers and experts: What can we know about love? What should we lovers do? What can we hope for (in the future) - or should we fear? The focus is on "romantic love" between people who live religiously influenced, queer, monogamous, polyamorous, bourgeois or anti-bourgeois models of love.

The films create dialogues between generations, between homosexuals and heterosexuals, between monogamous and polygamous, between science and lovers. How political and how free is love? What role does capitalism play in the marriage of love? Why can love hurt so much? What does love have to do with sexuality? Did our parents love happier than our children will love? Questions to which the films do not have one answer, but many different ones.

The Overview