Leopold Hoesch
Julia Melchior
Britta Luckas & Felix Gottschalk
Lars Roland
The Queen’s Power
Sweden’s Strong Women

Queen Silvia is an icon, Crown Princess Victoria a superstar. Mother and daughter ensure glamour and good news. Permanent publicity and a life determined by others are the price. Would the monarchy in Sweden have any future at all without them? The film by royal house expert Julia Melchior takes a look at the role of the strong women in one of the most popular royal houses in Europe.

Royals have no power, but they do have influence. Even Queen Silvia, as wife of the reigning king, is in the proper meaning of the word only the "King's Wife". There is no job description for First Ladies but representing is generally expected. Queen Silvia instead has filled her role with a mission. She breaks taboos to give a voice to the weakest in society. She saves dicey situations with diplomatic skill. And with courage and poise she also masters challenges within the family.

Silvia always understands herself as a working mother. Her job: Queen! For this self-image, she is considered a pioneer in the royal scene. She paved the way for her daughter Victoria. Today, Crown Princess Victoria is Sweden's most popular person. Daniel and the children are part of her success. They are a couple with a modern understanding of their roles. She has the top job, he remains in the background. In the model country for equality, this works very well. Even opponents of the monarchy in the Kingdom of Sweden are fans of Victoria.

Rich in anecdotes, the film delves into the roles of Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria. Exclusive footage of the royal family and interviews with family and companions provide unusually personal insights into the lives of Sweden's strong women.

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