Leopold Hoesch
Julia Melchior
Britta Luckas
Lars Roland
The new Generation

Royals in the 21st century? A job for power couples! While it's hard to imagine the British royal family without the Queen, her successors have long since taken the reins. In Spain, Felipe and Letizia are already in charge. In Great Britain and Sweden, William and Kate and Victoria and Daniel are two more power couples waiting in the wings.

Although Charles and Camilla are still ahead of them, it is already up to William and Kate to make the crown fit for the future. With brilliance and credibility, the two know how to give the royal family a facelift. They are fighting for a better world, breaking down barriers and presenting themselves as a young family with which the British can identify. The Crown must seek closeness to the citizens and know how to win their appreciation, respect and trust, Felipe VI had declared at his proclamation as King of Spain in 2014. Since then, Felipe and Letizia have been working hard to establish a contemporary form of monarchy. Because: Monarchy is teamwork! The royals do not have power, but they do have influence. Letizia plays just as big a role alongside Felipe as Kate at Prince William's side or Daniel at Crown Princess Victoria's side. The young royals see themselves as partners at eye level with a common mission: to serve their country. In doing so, they face great challenges: social discontent, political unrest, separatist movements. Time and again, the meaning and purpose of kingship are questioned. But as long as the monarchies find a meaningful role for themselves and the benefits outweigh the costs, they will continue to exist. Three power couples from England, Spain and Sweden whose goal is to make royalty, the oldest institution in history, fit for the future - the documentary accompanies the royals on numerous occasions and paints a picture of this new generation of kings.

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