Leopold Hoesch
Lukas Hoffmann
Vera Bertram
1 x 90'
Lars Roland
OUR LAND in the 2000s
Time for things to turn around

What has moved people in NRW since the start of the new millennium? How has our state changed in these two decades? WDR television is devoting a 90-minute documentary on Friday evening to the events and developments of this period.

Since the turn of the millennium, the state has experienced jubilation and tragedy: the Pope came to NRW and the whole world to the 2006 summer fairy tale. The Ruhr region became a stage in the 2010 Year of Culture - and the Love Parade in Duisburg was the scene of a catastrophe.

The millennium began with the fear of a worldwide computer crash; 20 years later, a virus that paralysed the entire world, of all things, gave us a great leap into the digital age.

The consequences of climate change caused the weather to go crazy: Kyrill swept huge areas of forest bare, masses of snow knocked down electricity pylons in the Münsterland region and led to the longest power blackout in German history, Whitsun storm Ela devastated the country in 2014. Then came the flood, and with it a huge wave of solidarity and charity.

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