Leopold Hoesch
Julia Melchior
Britta Luckas & Felix Gottschalk
Markus Gaal
King Charles III.

When King Charles III begins his reign in September 2022, he renews the late Queen Elizabeth II's promise of lifelong service to his people in an address to the nation.
But it's also the beginning of a new Ära.In an age when most people have long since enjoyed their retirement, Charles and Camilla have made the career leap the top job the kingdom has to offer.
In the long years of waiting for the throne, the world has changed. But Charles has remained true to himself.
The consistency in his love for Camilla, the passion in the fight for a better world and the long-suffering in waiting for the throne have earned him sympathy in recent years.
And this at a time when many, especially young people, consider the monarchy to be obsolete. Now it's up to King Charles III to secure their existence and make them fit for the future.


What to expect from the new king? What does the royal couple bring to their new office? And what role do the Prince and Princess of Wales play in the reign of King Charles?
The film "King Charles III – Man and Monarch" provides an answer to this question. The "Carolingian" age under Charles III may not be a long age, but it can be a formative one.


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