Leopold Hoesch
Julia Melchior
1 x 30'
König ohne Krone
Konstantin von Griechenland

No statue, no street and no stone today remind us of the time when Greece was still a kingdom. But when the royal relatives at the courts of Europe call for a major royal event and the Greek royal family strides across the red carpet, Mr Glücksburg, as the Greeks call their ex-king, is surrounded by the aura of the monarch of yesteryear.

When King Constantine II of Greece walks the Danish Princess Anne-Marie down the aisle on 18 September 1964, all Athens is on its feet. A great moment for the monarchy, it seems. The young king, Olympic sailing champion, is the darling of the Greek people. His young bride is the most beautiful princess Europe has to offer at the time. Only a few months earlier, at the age of 23, Constantine had succeeded his father, who had died at an early age. "I want to be the king of all Greeks, regardless of their political shades. My power is the love of the people," he speaks at his inauguration. But Constantine can only keep himself at the head of Greece for three years. He quickly became embroiled in disputes with the political leadership. His lack of experience proves fatal and plunges the nation into a constitutional crisis. After a military coup in 1967, the royal family leaves the country and the monarchy is abolished.

For over forty years, Constantine and his family lived in exile in England. Recently they returned to Greece. Constantine has no ambitions for the throne or politics. He wants to spend his twilight years in his homeland. But he is still worried about the future of Greece.

"KING WITHOUT A CROWN" tells the story of the Greek royal family. In interviews with ex-king Constantine, his family and historians, significant events of the 20th century and their consequences for the country and the family are reappraised. How a king without a crown and his family live is portrayed in the film with opulent shots from the past and present.

First broadcast: Sunday, 31 January 2016, 23:30 on ZDF

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