Bahn-Tage zur FIFA WM 2006

`54, `74, `90, 2006 – these four dates represent the greatest successes of German football. But without the support of the German railway system, in its official capacity as provider of logistics and mobility services, these tournaments would never have become the unforgettable events which we recall in such positive fashion today.

Bern 1954: the German national team is the surprise winner of the World Cup, and when the players returned they are given a tumultuous welcome throughout the land. The heroes of Bern travel through Germany in the legendary World Cup Train VT 08 - to this day the images are unforgettable.
Germany 1974, Italy 1990: by now the team travels by plane, but millions of fans take the train to watch their team compete.
Germany 2006: once again the World Cup Train VT 08 is on the tracks, but this time it is a promotional feature as German Railways celebrates the 2006 World Cup.

BROADVIEW TV produced four film clips with impressive images of the contribution made by German Railways to the successful World Cup events of 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2006.

Length 3 x 2' 1 x 1'
Year 2006
Genre Imagespots
Format Digital Betacam
Director Uli Weidenbach
Kunde PRISM International GmbH