Uli Weidenbach
Digital Betacam
PRISM International GmbH
3 x 2', 1 x 1'
2006 FIFA World Cup Rail Days

`54, `74, `90, 2006 - these four dates stand for the great successes of German football. But without the commitment of Deutsche Bahn as the official mobility and logistics service provider, these tournaments would not have become the unforgettable events that we still have such positive memories of today.

Bern 1954: The German team surprisingly wins the title and receives a frenetic welcome from the entire country on its return home. The heroes of Bern roll through Germany in the legendary VT 08 world championship train - the images remain unforgotten.
Deutschland 1974, Italien 1990: Die Mannschaft reist inzwischen mit dem Flugzeug, doch Millionen Fans fahren mit dem Zug zu den Spielen ihrer Elf.
Germany 2006: Once again the world champion train VT 08 is on the road. This time it is rolling as a publicity stunt during the "Bahn Days" organised by the railways for the 2006 World Cup.

BROADVIEW TV produced four spots that show in impressive images the contribution that the railway made to the success of the FIFA World Cup tournaments '54, '74, '90 and 2006.

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