Duncan Copp, Stefanie Kern
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European Commission
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European Stroke Network
New hope for stroke patients

The exploration of neurovascular dysfunction and the perfection of thrombolytic therapy in stroke are two core areas of research pursued by scientists of the European Stroke Network.

It unites 30 research teams from 14 European countries. Their main credo is “time is brain.” Because when a patient is suffering a stroke every minute in which the patient is not receiving any help aggravates the severity of the consequences. Therefore the brain needs to be examined as fast as possible. Using the magnetic resonance imaging allows doctors to see the soft tissue of the brain in detail, thus knowing where the stroke hit and how to counteract. Also, telemedicine was developed to already analyse the brain in an ambulance, especially when there is no hospital nearby. Lots of new methods of treatment and rehabilitation were evolved, such as a device for cooling the brain, building an environment that stimulates the patient’s brain, implantation of stem cells, and a way of improving the effectiveness of the only drug currently available, TPA, by applying ultra sound.

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