Who Owns Nature?

Who owns nature? Are we as humans nature’s protectors or its destroyers? In the heart of our western civilization, we enter a world that doesn’t seem to fit in our contemporary age. Mountain goats, a pack of wolves, forest rangers, farmers, and hunters: they are all protagonists in a dramatic alpine play. How should humans deal with nature and wild animals today?

In optically lavish images we enter the wild animals’ cosmos – not in Africa, but here at home. In one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe: the German, Austrian, French and Swiss alps. The wild animals share their habitats with us. Who determines how we live with them? What do we do when they disturb the production of food and forests? Who regulates how many can and must be killed? What would the effects be if they weren’t hunted? How would it affect the landscape – or the animals? And how will we deal with the wolves that wander back into the Western woods? There is no simple answer to all these questions. The film initiates a social discourse and thought process about us and our role in nature.

Length 1 x 90'
Year 2018
Genre Feature documentary
Format 4K | 5.1
Director Alice Agneskirchner
Boadcast Arte
Distribution NFP* marketing & distribution
Link Webseite zum Film