Welcome to Germany – The Land for Your Ideas

What does Germany as a location represent? What kinds of ideas can be developed and realized here in the heart of Europe? The image film “Welcome to Germany – The Land for Your Ideas” showcases Germany as an innovative, cosmopolitan and exuberant country.

In just over 5 minutes, viewers experience Germany as an attractive business partner, with a traditional and yet modern cultural landscape and an innovative education and research site–an ideal environment for both family and profession.

The film follows eight selected protagonists from different professions and, in 8 short chapters, presents the culture, science, business and quality of life in Germany, the land for your ideas.

Length 1 x 5'30
Year 2012
Genre Imagefilm
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Alan Rexroth und Christian Rau
Kunde Auswärtiges Land / Land der Ideen