Welcome to Germany – Land of Ideas

What does Germany stand for? How is Germany regarded in other countries, and how do we Germans see ourselves? The image film "Welcome to Germany – Land of Ideas" reveals Germany as an innovative and sophisticated country where ideas can take wing.

In a mere 10 minutes the viewer experiences Germany as an active commercial partner, a land where culture is both steeped in tradition and open to modernity, and an innovative location for education and investment - not to mention a tourist destination with attractive sights and landscapes.

Outstanding celebrities such as acclaimed director of photography Michael Ballhaus, violin virtuoso Anne-Sophie Mutter, former national player Oliver Bierhoff and top model Heidi Klum guide us through this film, presenting in six sections the sights, culture, science, economy, sport and lifestyle of Germany.

Length 1 x 10' 4 x 30''
Year 2006
Genre Image Film / TV Spots
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Uwe Kleinheinrich
Kunde Auswärtiges Amt / FC Deutschland GmbH
Link http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de _blank