Welcome Home

They live among us, but are very different from you or I. They live in communes, give themselves animal names, transform themselves into medieval heroes or heroines at the weekend, or even establish their own microstates.

What kind of personalities do these people have? Why have they opted for such unusual lifestyles? Who are the people behind this facade of otherness? What drives them to take these oftentimes arduous paths? Is it the search for security in a world that seems so complex and confused, a conscious escape from our society, or just a heightened desire for attention? The six-part documentary series STRANGE takes viewers to exciting, bizarre, adventurous, and strange places. It attempts to find out why so many people get involved in such parallel worlds and what the special fascination of each of these subcultures is. After all, they obviously offer people something that the 'real world' cannot give them.

Length 6 x 30'
Year 2011
Genre Doku-Reihe
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Dag Freyer, Jobst Knigge, Niels Negendank, Matthias Schmidt
Boadcast ZDF.kultur