Welcome Home: Body-Mods

Body modification is a way of modifying the body that goes beyond simple tattoos and small navel piercings. Common techniques include implants made of silicone that are pushed under the skin. Or so-called cuttings and brandings, whereby the skin is scarred using small cuts and burns that leave behind a pattern. Body modification is extremely tied to culture. For some tribes it has always been quite normal to have tattoos or implants. The pain that must be endured in most forms of body modification is always an integral part of the ritual. What drives people to radically alter their bodies or to hang from the ceiling from meat hooks in their backs?


Length 1 x 30'
Year 2011
Genre Dokumentation
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Dag Freyer & Niels Negendank
Boadcast ZDF.Kultur