Virtual Kicker League

Football fans play for their own clubs in the German league on Virtual Kicker tables, hoping to get their side to the top of the Virtual Kicker League.

In this clip, League President Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann and football expert Reiner Calmund explain how the Virtual Kicker League works. Over 60,000 football fans have already registered to take part in virtual games in parallel with the real games played by the German football league, in the hope of pushing their club to the top. At the core of the whole thing, of course, is this unique playing tool, the Virtual Kicker Table. And the very first time a genuine foot ball fan plays, the adrenaline starts to rise; after all, the honor and success of his own club is at stake here.

Length 1 x 60''
Year 2007
Genre Online-Spot
Format Digital Betacam
Director Ron Alon
Kunde Virtual Kicker League
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