VIPs hautnah

A star, a soldier and a king - Diane Kruger, James Blunt and King Constantin of Greece - They are names known internationally, and often represented in the world press. But we know little about the daily life of these celebrities. The people behind these big names are being portrayed in the documentary "VIPs up close".

Diane Kruger is currently the most popular German star in Hollywood. No other girl from Hildesheim is likely to have travelled as far as she has: from Lower Saxony to the catwalks of Paris, and next in Wolfgang Petersen's Hollywood blockbuster "Troy" on the side of the big stars. Next to them, she seems particularly radiant. What are the next personal and professional goals of the actress? What drives her?

James Blunt is considered a singer of cheesy songs, but nevertheless he is currently the most successful British pop musician. But few know that Blunt once fought in one of the bloodiest conflicts of recent European history - as a British Elite Soldier in Kosovo. Subsequently, he served in the Royal Guard and was one of the pallbearers for Queen Mum. Life as a soldier has shaped him. Is it the reason for his success?

Constantin of Greece was the last king of the Greeks, who held the throne for just three years. The lack of experience of the young king proved fatal and put the back then economically troubled nation into a constitutional crisis. Following a military coup in 1967, Constantin and his family were forced to leave the country. After 46 years, he returned, and "VIP's up close" has been granted to film a moving insight into his life.
As a writer and director of numerous documentaries about European royalty and notable families of history, Julia Melchior has gained substantial experience in dealing with prominent personalities. In the exclusive and intensive interviews for "VIPs up close“, she succeeds to provoke amazing confessions and self-reflections of the portrayed celebrities.

Initial Air Date: Saturday, 11th April 2015, 6 PM, ZDF

Length 1 x 30'
Year 2015
Genre Dokumentation
Format 16:9
Boadcast ZDF