TOO young TO DIE: Sharon Tate

Quiet and secluded, far way from the loud hustle and bustle of Los Angeles in the middle of the Beverly Hills Canyons, lies the estate of the actress Sharon Tate. She’s expecting a child and this is where she wants to raise it with her husband Roman Polanski. Sharon is eight months pregnant and misses Roman, who is still in Europe finishing up a film. She will never see him again. On 9 August 1969, 26-year-old Sharon and her unborn child are killed by 16 stab wounds. The murderers: Satanists led by the self-appointed guru Charles Manson.

The heinous murders of Sharon Tate, her child and her friends not only shocked the entire Hollywood community but they also abruptly ended the carefree “sixties”. Hence the film is not only an intimate portrait of the actress Sharon Tate, who grew up in a sheltered environment, but it also sheds light on the zeitgeist of that hippie era. Film clips from Sharon Tate’s movies as well as interviews with contemporaries such as Roman Polanski, fellow actors and directors, and especially Sharon’s sister Debra Ann Tate paint a very personal portrait of this 60s icon.

Length 1 x 52'
Year 2012
Genre Documentary
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Matthias Schmidt
Boadcast Arte | ZDFKultur