TOO young TO DIE: Natalie Wood

She steps in front of Hollywood’s cameras for the first time at the tender of age of 4 and already as a teenager she is considered the female idol of the 50s. As a young criminal in “Rebel Without a Cause” she pays opposite James Dean in one of the films that bears a far-reaching impact on pop culture. As Maria in the famous adaptation of the musical “West Side Story” she becomes a world star. 

But in November 1981, at the age of 43, the actress and mother of two Natalie Wood drowns in a tragic incident. “Drowning was her nightmare, how often she spoke of her terrifying fear of dark waters.” says Richard Gregson, her second husband. But it’s true–Natalie Wood is dead, drowned at the age of 43. 

How fragile was this woman who already as a child star had performed in front of Hollywood’s big cameras? What thoughts do her family, sister, friends such as Faye Mayo and Ginger Sugar Blymyer and colleagues like Robert Redford have about Natalie Wood? With a sensitive and in-depth understanding, the film will reveal the drama of a woman's life, who apparently never lacked love, success or attention. And that far beyond her death. 

Length 1 x 52'
Year 2014
Genre Dokumentation
Format 16:9
Director Annette Baumeister
Boadcast ARTE