Theatre Makers

One theater, a variety of shows, over 50 professions – and each performance is a total work of art involving a huge number of participants. They all do their bit, so that in the 150 public theaters of Germany alone approximately 5,800 performances can be staged each season for audiences numbering 35 million. Creative artists, craftsmen, technicians and administrative staff; these are the people who make the world a stage in our theaters.

Often ignored by the audiences, they put months of work into each show, along with a lot of sweat and many a crisis. It is a long road from the moment the play is chosen and the cast selected, through the process of set and costumes design to rehearsals and then to the first night. Behind the scenes dramatic consultants, administrators, accountants, set builders and sound technicians do the groundwork which is essential for the success of the play and the delight of the audience. Each performance is an ensemble work during which everybody involved in the theater works together to achieve success.
Theatermakers shows what is special about working in the theater and manages to explain part of the magic which is inherent in the dramatic arts. A glimpse behind the scenes and onstage reveals some fascinating insights into the unique and widely varied collection of professions involved, many with traditions going back for hundreds of years - but all absolutely indispensable today.
BROADVIEW TV presents the series Theatermakers: fifty 15-minute episodes about the theater as a workplace and the wide range of professions involved in every theatrical and operatic production.

Year 2011