The Kings of Spain

In the age of kings and courts it was the most powerful monarchy in the world. Today it is the most modern. The former king Juan Carlos helped the Spanish crown to new legitimacy – he was a warrantor for democracy, unity and freedom. The new king Fe-lipe now has to show that he is prepared for the responsibilities of his title and able to guide his country through the most serious crisis in its 40-year old democracy. To kick off the year of anniversaries 2018 and amidst the Catalonia conflict the documen-tary “The Kings of Spain” looks at father and son and back on the history of the Spanish monarchy.

Terrorism, nationalism, scandal. The Spanish crown has been put to the test again and again. And yet these crises have strengthened the monarchy. In 2018, Spain celebrates forty years of freedom and democra-cy under the parliamentary monarchy of the Bourbons, Juan Carlos’ 80th birthday and his son Felipe’s 50th birthday. The film recollects the period of transition in the late 1970s when Juan Carlos led the country out of the dictatorship and into democracy and how the former king fought to protect the newly won freedom. It shows the Royal house under Felipe today, who is facing great challenges in times of the separatist movement in Catalonia and the terror threat from the so-called Islamic State. The documentary explores the history of the monarchy and looks at the connections between the past and the present. What do the Catholic Monarchs and the Reconquista, the recapture of the Iberian Peninsula, have to do with the ideology of ISIS? How do the War of the Span-ish Succession and the take-over of the French Bourbons in the 18th century still affect the Catalans today? Why is the celebrated constitution for which King Juan Carlos fought forty years ago suddenly being put under scrutiny?

After years of preparation the Royal court grants the team from BROADVIEW TV an exclu-sive access for an exceptional and personal portrait of the family, a unique glimpse behind the curtain, a thrilling analysis of current events

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2018
Genre Documentary
Director Julia Melchior
Boadcast ZDF / phoenix