The Kings` Children:

Victoria of Sweden and her Daniel

One day she will ascend to the throne of Sweden as Queen Victoria I. Even hardened opponents of the monarchy agree that Victoria will make a first-class head of state. But one question remains: who will be the man at her side?

Ever since Victoria's name has been linked with that of the non-royal Daniel Westling, the people of Sweden have been hoping that the fairy tale of the Princess and her handsome consort will come true. This documentary provides an in-depth portrait of the Crown Princess in the process of transformation from young girl to queen. Friends and companions from Victoria's immediate environment describe her development and discuss her personal feelings as the day when she will be crowned queen draws closer. Opulent images ensure that the film has true fairy-tale brilliance.

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2007
Genre Documentary
Format Digital Betacam
Director Julia Melchior, Sebastian Dehnhardt
Boadcast ZDF
Link ZDF Webseite: Die Königskinder