The German Kaiser`s Empire

Part 1: Head Hunting in East Africa | Part 2: Storm over the South-West | Part 3: The South Seas – A Place in the Sun

Endless Savannah. Impenetrable jungle. Glorious South Seas beaches. That is the German Empire one hundred years ago. At the end of the 19th century the Reichskriegsflagge (Imperial War Flag) flew over the territories of the fourth largest colonial empire. The German "protectorates" became the goal of settlers, missionaries and soldiers of fortune between 1884 and 1918. But the First World War put an end to the German dream of a global empire.

The focus of this three-part series lies on the stories and experiences of German settlers, the soldiers who protected them and the local population who experienced the events and who left reports behind of what happened. Based on the lives and fates of these people BROADVIEW TV reconstructs the history of the German colonies and the key experiences of these protagonists in elaborately staged re-enactments. Using state-of-the-art computer generated imaging, the film reproduces crowd scenes such as the Herero uprising and the ensuing decisive battle at Waterberg in South-West Africa or the bloody fight between Germans and Africans in East Africa. There are further dramatic stories such as the cannibals in German New Guinea, the odyssey of a mother with her newborn child through the grasslands of South-West Africa and nudist sect in the South Seas.

Working for ZDF, BROADVIEW TV pursues the question of what it was that the German`s wanted to achieve in the colonies of German South-West Africa, German East Africa and in the protectorates in the South Seas. Who were these people that headed out to the colonies and what dreams did they have? What conflicts were created between the "masters" and the "colonials" and what traces have the Germans left?

Length 3 x 45'
Year 2010
Genre Documentary with reenactments
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Sebastian Dehnhardt, Ricarda Schlosshan, Manfred Oldenburg
Boadcast ZDF