Resistance Fighters

The Global Antibiotics Crisis

Each year, 700.000 people worldwide are killed by multi-resistant bacteria. These are microbes which cannot be wiped out by any antibiotic. This figure could rise dramatically. According to a recent study, this death toll could rise by factor ten until the year 2050: without powerful agents ten million people could die each year due to such superbugs. Anti-microbial resistant bacteria would then be the number one cause of death.

Scientific studies from India show how fast they are spreading: Almost 100 percent of newborn babies at a ward in New Delhi carried traces of such resistant bacteria in them. Several scientists share the belief that the life expectancy of people could drop dramatically. In the future, more people could die as a result of this than of cancer and diabetes together.

The film tells us how we got there: It is a story about how negligence, greed and short-sightedness has rendered the lifesaving effects of antibiotics powerless. It is a science-thriller about disillusioned, fighting doctors, rebellious scientists, patients wrestling with life-threatening diseases and diplomats searching for a global solution. They all are Resistance Fighters.

Length 1 x 98' | 1 x 60'
Year 2019
Genre Feature documentary
Format 4K | 5.1
Director Michael Wech
Distribution DOGWOOF
Link official website