Every person has a home. Whether it is in a semidetached house or in a high-rise, on a farm or in a penthouse, everyone lives somewhere – and has neighbours. Neighbourhood is a topic that affects all of us. In very personal interviews, ten prominent Germans talk about their concept of what it means to be a neighbour.

As an accompaniment to the photo book "Nachbarschaft" (Neighbourhood) BROADVIEW TV is presenting fifteen interviews with selected personalities who play a relevant role in our society. These people explain their relationship to the topic of neighbourhood, not only as public personalities but also from the personal and very private perspective. Wolfgang Clement, Hellmuth Karasek, Christoph Metzelder, Ildikó von Kürthy, Wolfgang Niedecken and others explain how they view this topic. "Social Wealth" (moto of the Trend Day 2009) is becoming more important than financial wealth, putting the topic of neighbourhood at the top of the social agenda.

Length 10 x 90''
Year 2009
Genre Image Film | EPK
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Alan Rexroth
Kunde Deutsche Reihenhaus AG