Silvia and Carl Gustaf of Sweden

In a way she is also a German queen: she was a hostess at the Olympic Games, and he was the Crown Prince of Sweden. "It just clicked between us," is how Carl Gustaf describes the moment when he first met Silvia. Four years later Silvia Sommerlath from Heidelberg became Queen Silvia of Sweden.

When Silvia moved into the Royal Palace of Stockholm, the approval ratings for the Swedish royal family reached unheard-of heights: a picture-book family, prepared to allow the general public and the directors of this documentary to participate in their lives. In a very personal interview Queen Silvia recalls her wedding - and a special kind of serenade: in her honor the pop group Abba premiered the song "Dancing Queen" the night before the wedding ceremony.

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2006
Genre Documentary
Format Digital Betacam
Director Friederike Dreykluft, Julia Melchior
Boadcast ZDF
Link Webseite ZDF: Die Deutsche und der König