John Fitzgerald’s Private Life

John F. Kennedy brought an aura of glamour and sophistication to the White House in 1961. The 35th president and his wife Jacqueline were rich and good-looking, the heralds of a new era. Kennedy embodied the best of America. His charm and charisma won over voters. Negative aspects - electoral fraud, affairs with other women and connections with the Mafia – were glossed over. His early death ensured his enduring image as the eternally young president. And the still unresolved background to his murder made him a legend.

Who was the real John F. Kennedy? What private secrets did he try to conceal during his lifetime? In a 45-minute prime time documentary for ZDF television, BROADVIEW TV pursues this intriguing and still challenging question, digging deep into the private world of the Kennedys. For the first time, close friends and colleagues talk about their intimate memories of the darker sides of a president who is still revered as a shining example. This film tells the story-behind-the-story of the legendary statesman. Documents and film clips that have recently come to light are presented for the first time, including material from the archives of the Kennedy family and their closest friends. Home movies provide insight into the family’s life from the mid-1930s to shortly before Kennedy’s death. In the final scenes we see him spending a last weekend with his wife and children two weeks before he was killed. The 8mm footage provides an intimate keyhole perspective on the man who is still revered by most Americans as a heroic figure - pictures revealing for the first time the truth behind the legend.

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2011
Genre Documentary
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Manfred Oldenburg
Boadcast ZDF