Herald the Young Queens – A New Generation for the Monarchy

With the recent birth of the Swedish princess Estelle, Europe’s royal families now have five young queens who will one day ascend to a throne: Elisabeth of Belgium, Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, Leonor of Spain, and Estelle of Sweden. Never before has Europe’s monarchies seen so much female power.

Only a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a female to succeed to a throne. In 1980 Sweden became the first monarchy in Europe to change its constitution–whether son or daughter, in Sweden the first-born child inherits the throne. As the only woman among Europe’s royal heirs, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden didn’t always have an easy time. As a teenager she wrestled with her fate. She spent years fighting for her now husband Daniel. But in the end she succeeded, having gone unconventional ways, and succeeded in gaining respect. Today the Swedish heiress to the throne leads the royal popularity list. As a figurehead of a new generation, she has secured her place in history.

Embedded in a portrait of Crown Princess Victoria, the film presents the young superstars of tomorrow.  How are the young girls being prepared for their role in the 21st century? Which historical figures are they being measured against? What can they learn from today’s queens? And what has Crown Princess Victoria achieved for the new generation? In the age of the queens, Julia Melchior’s film addresses for the first time the role of women at the top of Europe’s monarchies–in the past, present and future.

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2012
Genre Dokumentation
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Julia Melchior
Boadcast ZDF