HEDDA, an intricate relationship drama based on Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, focuses on a dinner party. Newlyweds Hedda and Jorgen try to secure Jorgen’s promotion by wining and dining the department head, Dr. Brack. However, there are two surprise guests: Jorgen’s ex-lover Thea and Hedda’s lost lover Eilert, who also threatens Jorgen’s career move. Hedda becomes intimate with Eilert again in a moment of freedom, but seems to side with Jorgen in the end, to Eilert’s desperation. When confronted with Eilert’s alcoholic self-pity, she coldly facilitates his suicide. Hedda, surprised and tragically desperate in the knowledge that her husband Jorgen is willing to sacrifice her to secure his position and a life of passion and freedom is forever lost, puts an end to her life.

We gladly announce Myrna Drews was awarded in the category "production design" for HEDDA by the Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen ("German Academy of Television").

Length 1 x 90'
Year 2016
Genre Drama
Format HDTV 16:9
Director Andreas Kleinert
Boadcast 3Sat / Arte
Link Website zum Film