German Dynasties: The Princes of Bentheim-Tecklenburg

The Princes of Bentheim-Tecklenburg: they once ruled over their own principality in what today is North Rhine-Westphalia. Rheda castle in East Westphalia, with its more than 100 rooms, is to this very day the ancestral seat of the family. Today a young family, the 24th generation, lives in the castle in Rheda-Wiedenbrück: Maximilian, heir to the title of Prince of Bentheim-Tecklenburg, his wife Marissa, nee Fortescue from London and their three children. It is an aristocratic lifestyle right in the middle of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Bentheim-Tecklenburgs are related to almost all of the royal houses of Europe. The British, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish royal families – all of them have visited the princely family at one of their castles. Even the Bestseller author Rosamunde Pilcher, Marissa`s aunt, came to visit them at Rheda castle – at which time a rose in the castle gardens was named in her honour.
The four castles Hohenlimburg, Rheda, Clarholz and Herzebrock are like the centre of Westphalia. However, today only very few people know that the Principality of Limburg was once a sovereign state. For centuries, the fortunes of this region were closely linked to the Bentheim-Tecklenburg family. The Counts and Princes reigned as sovereign rulers within the Holy Roman Empire
Working on assignment for WDR, BROADVIEW TV tells the gripping story of the aristocratic dynasty of the Princes of Bentheim-Tecklenburg. In addition to exclusive interviews with Rosamunde Pilcher, family members, contemporaries and famous personalities from North Rhine-Westphalia, the film maker Jobst Knigge also had access to previously unreleased private and archive material that gives an in-depth view of the moving story of the Bentheim-Tecklenburgs.

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2009
Genre Documentary
Format Digital Betacam
Director Jobst Knigge
Boadcast WDR