German Dynasties: The Hohenzollerns

No other dynasty is more closely tied to the fate of Germany than that of the House of Hohenzollern, a family that has produced German princes, kings and emperors. How have the descendants dealt with the legacy of their forefathers? What paths have they taken? The family itself provides the answers. In the documentary “German Dynasties: The Hohenzollerns”, Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia, Karl Friedrich Prince of Hohenzollern and many more grant an exclusive and personal look behind their great family name.

Our film team followed the family over a period of one year. The camera also captured the events of summer 2011, when the Prince of Prussia and the Prince of Hohenzollern invited family members and friends to the Hohenzollern castle in Baden-Wuerttemberg on the occasion of the 950th anniversary of their house. Centuries ago, the dynasty split into two branches that still exist today: the Swabian Royal House and the Prussian Royal House, which until 1918 was Germany’s royal family.

The documentary presents the heads of both branches in their public and private moments. The film juxtaposes the portraits of Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia and Karl Friedrich Prince of Hohenzollern with the eventful and often dramatic history of the dynasty, using magnificent footage of original sites and scenes and rare archive treasures.

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2012
Genre Dokumentation
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Julia Melchior
Boadcast ARD