German Dynasties: 4711 – Eau de Cologne

4711 – Eau de Cologne

The eau de Cologne with the ornamental label in blue and gold is as much a part of  Cologne as its cathedral. Even today the original 4711 factory in Glockengasse attracts tourists from all over the world.

Not so very long ago the Mülhens perfume dynasty in Cologne could boast a stunning history of success. The business flourished over six generations, its gentle, refreshing scent conquering the market: 4711 was the aroma of the German economic miracle in the 1960s, and the brand achieved widespread international recognition - until family disputes lead to times of descent.

On behalf of WDR BROADVIEW TV examines the rise and fall of the Mülhens perfume dynasty and trace the fascinating story of 4711 right up to its successful comeback. Now genuine eau de Cologne has found a new home with Mäurer + Wirtz, a family company from the Rhineland with a long tradition, and the perfume has re-established its popularity with refreshing ease. 

Length 1x45
Year 2008
Genre Documentary
Format Digital Betacam
Director Veit Bentlage
Boadcast WDR