Prominent actors are allocated roles in an unfilmed script, which they read live in front of an audience. 90 minutes of sheer performance. A sneak preview of a screenplay –and a fascinating meeting place for stars and filmmakers.

What happens in one of these readings? Up to ten well-known actors sit on the stage, equipped with microphones and screenplays, reading the roles they have been given in a film which has not yet been made. The team, which comprises experienced actors from film, television and theatre, rehearses just once on the day of the performance. Stars such as Dirk Bach, Esther Schweins, Marco Rima, Christian Brückner, Konstantin Wecker, Axel Milberg, Wilhelm Wieben, Leslie Malton, Herbert Feuerstein, Max Tidof and Peter Lohmeyer feature frequently in this cultural event when it tours throughout Germany.
The readings are not only a testing ground for scripts, where producers, directors, agents and dramatic consultants can gain a better idea of how this material would actually work in production. These events are also a popular opportunity for people in the media to get together, where contracts are made and talent is discovered. Of the screenplays which are presented in this way, approximately a quarter of them are then optioned, or the authors are given new commissions.
BROADVIEW TV has produced three episodes of "Filmreif?" in association with Barbarella Entertainment GmbH.

Length 3 x 90'
Year 2002
Format Digital Betacam
Director Sebastian Dehnhardt
Boadcast arte / ZDFtheaterkanal
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