Express Commercial – Strategy from Others

The Cologne Express has one of the most investigative and up-to-date sports desks in Germany. This can be seen from a lively promotional film which BROADVIEW TV made for DuMont Publishing.

When the final is over the captain of the defeated football team is sitting in the corridor outside the changing rooms, deeply depressed. In the background the victors are celebrating wildly. When one of the players from the winning team attempts to comfort the depressed captain, he asks: "How did you know so much about us this time?" But despite the sympathy he feels for the losers, the winning player can't give him this information - because the smart tactics and detailed analysis of the opponents that won the game originated from the Express sports desk…

Length 1 x 30''
Year 2006
Genre Werbung
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Michael Dörfler
Kunde Kölner EXPRESS