EU Research Project

Image films, press relations and websites are the instruments used by BROADVIEW TV on behalf of the European Commission in order to communicate complex scientific aspects of EU research projects to the general public of Europe.

ELEKTRA is a research project – now successfully completed - aimed at revolutionizing technology-enhanced learning. Nine interdisciplinary partners - including pedagogues, cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists and computer game designers - developed an adventure game where students learn the laws and rules of optics by playing.

As the company given the task of marketing the ELEKTRA IT research project, BROADVIEW TV was awarded the Nokia European Website Award 2006 in Helsinki for the creation of the ELEKTRA Internet Site. In addition, as part of the communications strategy BROADVIEW TV produced an Image film about ELEKTRA and its scientific success in the sphere of technology-enhanced learning.

In addition, BROADVIEW TV was responsible for the production of 3D content and has contributed to the ELEKTRA learning game in the sectors of 3D models, character setup and character animation.

Year 2007