Dynasties in North Rhine-Westphalia

World success with advocaat – the Verpoortens

Ei, ei, ei, Verpoorten – this catchy tune still works today. Almost everyone knows it and can hum along. The drink that everyone associates this tune with, awakens many memories. One brand and the success story of an entrepreneurial family – Verpoorten.
The development of the company is closely linked to the course of German history. Again and again, political changes have led to sometimes risky decisions. In this documentary, brothers William and Dirk Verpoorten take the viewer on a journey through time: Starting in the Lower Rhine region, via Berlin, which was vicious in the "Golden Twenties", to Lower Bavaria. There the two brothers' grandmother had raised a factory on her own during the war years. At a time when eggs were in absolute short supply. This laid the foundation for the triumphal march of advocaat in the Federal Republic of Germany. And it is no coincidence that Verpoorten has moved to a place that stands for the time of the economic miracle like no other: the German capital Bonn. Today, the great-great-grandchildren of the dynasty's founder are faced with an enormous task: the contemporary marketing of a drink that has remained virtually unchanged over the last 150 years and is the core of their success: advocaat.

First broadcast: Fri., November 2nd, 2018, 20:15, WDR.

Length 45'
Year 2018
Genre documentary
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Simone Schillinger
Boadcast WDR