Dangerous trek trough Caucasus

During the summer the shepherds of Georgia take their huge herds of sheep up to the Caucasian highland area to graze. In the fall they have to lead the animals back from an altitude of 3000 meters down to the valleys. A dangerous undertaking.

The world of the Georgian shepherds is an archaic one. Their home is the breathtakingly beautiful, remote and virtually inaccessible countryside of the upper Caucasus in the north-east of Georgia. The life of a shepherd is hard and characterized by deprivation. Wolves and bears roam the mountains. Before the onset of winter, the shepherds prepare for the long and dangerous march down to the valleys. For two weeks a film crew accompanies them on the arduous journey, gaining a deep insight into the punishing existence of these men, while also depicting their dreams and their fears.

Length 1 x 45'
Year 2010
Genre Documentary
Format HD-Cam
Director Max von Klitzing
Boadcast NDR