Cologne’s Grand Hotel – The Excelsior Hotel Ernst

Since over one hundred and fifty years Cologne's Grand Hotel stands proudly at the foot of the Cologne Cathedral. The Excelsior Hotel Ernst - A stronghold of tradition and good taste. It is one of the last family-owned luxury hotels in the world. Artists, Kings, Industrial moguls and politicians have stayed here over decades. Visits by former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Empress Soraya, Karl May, members of the Kennedy family and many other well-known personalities have enriched the hotel’s history.

The film explores the diverse past of the Grand Hotel and its owners linking it to the history of the cathedral city. In effective pictures the documentary takes the viewer behind the scenes of hotel operations and observes the hustle and bustle in the house. Family, staff and distinguished guests look back on special events, fateful encounters and fun memories. Historical footage brings the hotel's history alive and shows how inseparably it is from the cityscape of Cologne.

Length 1x52
Year 2015
Genre Documentary
Format 16:9 HD
Boadcast WDR