Champions we are – A Football Love Affaire

Love and football are the true passions of life. This gripping docu-drama presents a kaleidoscope of emotional football history: interwoven with a fictitious love story between two Germans from different sides of the divided nation, "Wir Weltmeister" also uses rare archive material and top-quality eyewitness accounts to portray the greatest moments of German World Cup history. The stuff that dreams are made of.

Max (Jens Atzorn) and Anna (Aline Hochscheid) meet and fall in love on 4th July 1954 in Mecklenburg, when they are little more than children. It is the sensational day when the German football team wins the World Cup in Bern. But when Max's family flees to the west he is forcibly parted from his girlfriend. However, he is determined to see her again - partly because he has convinced himself that a cosmic law of football is in operation: the German national team can only ever win the World Cup again if he and Anna are together.

The great football stars, from Seeler and Beckenbauer to Klinsmann, speak out in the documentary inserts, describing in gripping terms their defeats and victories in major tournaments. What they don't realize is that their success in the beautiful game depends not only on tactics, fitness and training but also on the romantic impulses of a crazy football fan who is determined to get through the Iron Curtain…

Length 1 x 90'
Year 2006
Genre Dokudrama
Format 16:9 HDTV
Director Sebastian Dehnhardt
Boadcast ZDF