Bella Italia – In Love for Eternity

Italy has always been the country that Germans dream of. Ever since the Middle Ages, the southern side of the Alps has excelled a fascination over the Teutonic race. While it was primarily power politics which provided the motivation in the time of Barbarossa, today Germans are prompted to make this journey by their hopes and desires, the yearning to see their wishes come true.

The dream of sunny Italy - every year millions of Germans succumb to it. The film-maker Beatrice Schaechterle journeys to their favorite tourist resorts and meets a whole range of fascinating people: holidaymakers, drop-outs and also Germans who decided many years ago to make new lives for themselves in Italy. What is the truth behind the myth of "Bella Italia"? What do Germans look for on the far side of the Alps - and what do they find?

Length 2 x 45'
Year 2007
Genre Documentary
Format Digital Betacam
Director Beatrice Schächterle
Boadcast WDR