Angela Merkel - The Unexpected

“Angela Merkel - The Unexpected” tells the story of Chancellor Merkel’s unexpected rise to power – from an East German physicist to the most powerful woman in the world.

The feature-length documentary takes a look at her biography from when she entered the political stage in 1989 to the present. A second focus is put on the refugee crisis and establishes the connection between Merkel’s actions and her biography. Political and personal companions who have witnessed the chancellor throughout the years comment on her childhood in East Germany, her first political steps, her rise to the top, her eventful chancellorship, and the current political situation she is facing.

In an exclusive interview, Angela Merkel herself reflects on her life in the German Democratic Republic, comparing it to her life after the fall of the Berlin wall, her unexpected and unprecedented career, the refugee crisis, and finally on herself as a politician, a motivator, or a listener.

Initial broadcast:

Tuesday, 6 Dezember 2016, 20:15 on ARTE.

Monday, 12 Dezember 2016, 22:45 on ARD.

Length 90'
Year 2016
Genre Documentary
Format HDTV 16:9
Director Dr. Torsten Körner, Matthias Schmidt
Boadcast MDR, ARTE
Link Watch the film on VIMEO VOD