Killer Germs – When antibiotics no longer work

The docu-fiction deals with the global threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The film explores in a scientifically sound way what we are facing when antibiotics lose their effect and how and why resistances are becoming more and more widespread. The focus is increasingly on Germany, the German health care system, German agriculture and the German pharmaceutical industry.

The film operates on two levels: in the documentary part, various experts and protagonists of the topic explain and comment on the problem. Among others, microbiologists from the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Julia Klöckner and a patient suffering from an infection with a multi-resistant germ have their say. In addition, in the second, fictional part of the film, the outbreak of a multi-resistant germ in a German hospital is re-enacted with the help of elaborately produced game scenes. The two parts are interwoven and alternate again and again throughout the film. The production was also supported by expert advice from the Robert Koch Institute.

First broadcast: Tuesday, 26th of November 2019, 20:15 on ZDF.

Length 43'
Year 2019
Genre documentary
Director Marc Rensing und Annebeth Jacobsen; screenplay: Winfried Oelsner
Boadcast ZDF
Link Der Film in der Mediathek