1 x 52'
Henrike Sandner
Leonardo DiCaprio
Most wanted!

Even as a child, Leonardo DiCaprio had a big dream: he wanted to step into Hollywood's limelight and make film history. He pursued this goal with an iron will and a gifted talent. In his mid-40s, he has achieved everything - including the Oscar. Nevertheless, he is restlessly searching for new goals. Leonardo DiCaprio is a man who lives his dreams - with all their contradictions.

He is just 23 years old when the world crowns him Hollywood's new superstar. After Titanic, "Leomania" spirals to hysterical heights. Girls all over the world decorate their bedroom walls with his face. Since then, the label "outrageously attractive womaniser" has stuck to him. This shock of success will change him. Unlike the rest of Hollywood, he now tries to age faster than nature allows. He reinvents himself, frees himself from the cloying Titanic image and is today perhaps even better than he dreamed himself.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the most successful actor in the world. A driven man with high goals who also strives for greatness beyond the film business. Saving our endangered planet is his mission. To do this, he sets up a foundation, drives a hybrid car and makes documentaries about climate change.

Our documentary is a hero's journey that begins with a little boy in Los Angeles who dreams his way to the top of Hollywood, climbs it quickly and then fights back with all his might against the image the film industry wants to impose on him. Because he never wanted to be anyone other than himself.

First broadcast: Friday, 05 February 2021, 22:25 on arte.

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