FEMOCRACY tells the story of the women who, from reconstruction after Second World War until today, have unrelentingly fought for and improved women‘s rights in politics and in the country. They paved the way for Angela Merkel, the first female German Chancellor.

"Hello, Dictator": Orbán, the EU and the rule of law

It is a struggle about power and billions. Since the summer of 2020, the majority of EU states have been fighting to make the granting of EU funds conditional. Only those who abide by the rule of the rule of law should receive funds in the future. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is vehemently opposed. For good reasons? The European community of values is struggling over its position. For months. With his blackmailing veto, Orbán plunges the EU into a deep crisis, in which Chancellor Merkel finally mediates. Is it appeasement with the autocrat? A search for clues throughout Europe.

SKIN ON SKIN – A Brief Cultural History of Touch

Touch is the basis of all life. A touch can be nurturing, reassuring, comforting or sensual. But it can also be hurtful, frightening or oppressing. In the cultural history of mankind, touch is an important indicator: the way people touch each other tells a lot about a society. The documentary explores the phenomenon of touch from the perspective of art history, historiography, neuroscience, philosophy, and sociology. A touching journey – from the kiss of peace to social distancing.

The Price of Protest - The Colin Kaepernick Story

Imagine two of the major American values collide: freedom of speech versus patriotism. Football icon Colin Kaepernick got a firsthand experience of this clash. In 2016, a simple gesture turned him into the most polarizing athlete of our times...

FORESTLAND: A Deep Dive into the German "Heimat"

What exactly is it that binds the Germans to their forests? Wherever you look, in their art and cultural history, you can find the element of the forest: In legends and in myths, in music as well as in fairytales, in poetry and artistry. This Documentary aims taking the viewers on a cultural and historical walk through the woods. And searches for a response on the long-asked question: How did the woods become the German’s soul landscape?

Who Owns Nature?

Where do we as humans find ourselves on the scale: are we nature’s – our world’s – protectors or its destroyers? In expansive film theater images we will enter the wild animals’ cosmos– not in Africa, but here at home. In one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe – in the German, Austrian, French and Swiss alps – we will pose this question to humanity on the basis of the condition of the forests, their owners, the wild animals, their hunters and the farmers in the cycle of the seasons.

Resistance Fighters

“Antibiotic resistance is a global crisis that we cannot ignore”, warns the WHO. By the year 2050, ten million people could die each year due to multi-resistant bacteria. It threatens to take us back to a time when people feared common infections and risked their lives from minor surgery. Resistance Fighters follows the people who tackle this major threat.


Toni Kroos is a phenomenon. You barely notice him on the field, nor in public. He’s modest. Introverted. Reserved. And yet he is the most successful, the most expensive German football player of all times...


He is the highest paid actor of all times. With three Academy Awards and 12 nominations as best actor he holds the record amongst his male colleagues. An international star whose career started on a theatre stage and whose life is all but ordinary...

Gerhard Schröder – Beat the drum

Gerhard Schröder was the last chancellor of the SPD. Since then the party has gone downhill, the label "Volkspartei" seems to be no longer valid. What responsibility does the last chancellor of the SPD bear for this decline? How did the unprecedented Agenda 2010 reform programme come about in the first place? What remains of Red-Green?
Torsten Körner's portrait explores these questions and delves deeply into the biography of Gerhard Schröder, but also into the red-green government period from 1998 to 2005. The result is an impressive portrait of a politician on the one hand and a social democratic family history on the other, in which the protagonists give each other nothing.

Breath of Freedom

"Breath of Freedom" tells the story of African-American GIs who were stationed in Germany at the end of World War II as part of a policy to help rid the country of racism and oppression. The irony was that strict segregation and apartheid prevailed in their own country and even in their own army. Accepted by the German people as representatives of a victorious power, these African-American GIs found themselves in a foreign country experiencing for the first time what it feels like to be treated as equals.

Germany’s great clans – The C&A Story

With 456 stores it can be found in every big city in Germany and is known by 98 percent of the German population: C&A. But only a few know that the success is owed to one big family: The Brenninkmeyer family. With an estimate fortune of more than 25 Billion euros they belong to the richest families in Europe. But in public barley anyone knows about the entrepreneurial family. For the film „Germany’s great clans – The C&A Story” for the first time family members agreed to give a TV interview...

Angela Merkel - The Unexpected

Who is Angela Merkel? What inspires, what motivates her? After eleven years in office, Merkel remains a puzzle. Neither her style nor her political positioning was ever truly understood –“hesitation artist”, “ice queen”, “mother disgrace”, “Mother Angela” – attempts at characterizing Merkel seem to continuously falter. Come September 2015, when Merkel gives a surprising answer to the refugee crisis: “We can do this!” – and with that, she polarizes the people…

The documentary „Angela Merkel - 3 Days in September“ dips into the topic of the first weekend in September 2015 when Angela Merkel decided to let the refugees and asylum seekers, who were stuck in Budapest, enter Germany...


The feature documentary showcases their childhoods marked by socialist drills in the midst of the Cold War, growing up on Soviet Military Bases, and the impact that the Chernobyl disaster had on their family. The film traces their path through life and finally their rise to International Boxing Super-Stardom.

NOWITZKI. The Perfect Shot.

THE PERFECT SHOT directed by award winning director Sebastian Dehnhardt covers the story of Nowitzki’s rise to the peaks of fame and Show Business starting off at one of Germany’s regional basketball leagues. It’s the story of the fascinating relationship with Holger Geschwindner, his discoverer, coach and mentor. It is a Film about the unique relationship between the cosmopolitan mentor and his timid student, who made it to where his teacher had previously only dreamed of: the NBA Championship.

Ryan Gosling - Hollywoods Halbgott

Ryan Gosling is one of the most popular actors of today‘s film industry and a social media phenomenon. Despite of the hype around his persona, he maintains something that constitutes a true star – and that seems to be nearly extinct in the multimedia age: secrets.


HEDDA, an intricate relationship drama based on Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, focuses on a dinner party. Newlyweds Hedda and Jorgen try to secure Jorgen’s promotion by wining and dining the department head, Dr. Brack. However, there are two surprise guests...

The Aldi Story – Karl and Theo Albrecht

Theo and Karl Albrecht are probably Germany’s most mysterious characters. They built up a global business imperium, were able to accumulate a fortune of billions, they became the richest Germans. When Theo Albrecht died in 2010 and his brother Karl in 2014 they had managed to create a trade chain with 4300 stores in Germany alone starting from their mothers small corner shop which the ran since 1946. Today this concern determines the prices for our staple food and has had an immense influence on German food culture and overall consumption mentality.

Slapstick! The art of failure

Attention, banana peel! – Such a well-intentioned, but pointless warning in the Slapstick comedy, because in this film genre, things are turned delightfully against people. But Slapstick is also the defeat of failure by a comedian. The film tells the story of this unusual movie genre:  It spans from looking at its masters Chaplin and Keaton to Tati, the last great "silent" Comedian, and to its more recent rebirth within the animated film.

Arthur Miller – Man of the Century

The 60 minute documentary “Arthur Miller – Man of the Century” by director Henrike Sandner portraits the life of a man who, over the course of seven decades, created some of the most memorable stage plays in World Literature, and by marrying Marilyn Monroe turned into an American icon. All his life he was torn between glamour, success, social criticism and love. He never stopped to be curious and was always open to find new ways, pushing his limits.

Sinatra. Die Stimme Amerikas

Whiskey and cigarettes are his trademarks. His unique voice and his bright winning smile are his assets. Frank Sinatra is the All-American-Man: an icon, a hero suffering traumata, that influenced an entire era...

Cologne’s Grand Hotel – The Excelsior Hotel Ernst

Since over one hundred and fifty years Cologne's Grand Hotel stands proudly at the foot of the Cologne Cathedral. The Excelsior Hotel Ernst - A stronghold of tradition and good taste. It is one of the last family-owned luxury hotels in the world. Artists, Kings, Industrial moguls and politicians have stayed here over decades. Visits by former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Empress Soraya, Karl May, members of the Kennedy family and many other well-known personalities have enriched the hotel’s history.

Silent Night in Stalingrad

24 December 1942: Trapped in the Stalingrad pocket, soldiers of the 6th Army celebrate Christmas. Of all places, in this freezing icy hell, this doomed army observes this celebration of faith and charity. For the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, BROADVIEW TV documents the downfall of the 6th Army and reconstructs the soldiers’ situation at Christmas with elaborate newly filmed cinematic reenactments.

Train to Freedom

Prague 1989, September 30th. The West-German Embassy in Prague finds itself the center of the world's political stage. For weeks refugees from East-Germany have been streamed on the premises of the Palais Lobkowitz and the surrounding streets. Within days the fenced embassy compound transformed itself into a vast refugee camp.

Hitler's Mein Kampf. A Dangerous Book

A time bomb is ticking in Munich and politicans and historians likewise are agonised by the fact that from January 1st 2016 Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” will lose its copyright protection and might soon be available in book stores all over Germany right next to titles like Harry Potter.

Killer Germs – When antibiotics no longer work

The docu-fiction deals with the global threat of antibiotic-resistant

bacteria. The film explores in a scientifically sound way what we are

facing when antibiotics lose their effect and how and why resistances

are becoming more and more widespread. The focus is increasingly on

Germany, the German health care system, German agriculture and the

German pharmaceutical industry.

Citizen Springer

No other opinion maker before or since has divided Germans like the Hamburg publisher Axel Springer. To mark the 100th anniversary of his birth on 2nd May 2012 three award-winning writers in association with ARTE and ZDF look back at one of the most controversial and at the same time most influential figures in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Welcome to Germany – The Land for Your Ideas

What does Germany as a location represent? What kinds of ideas can be developed and realized here in the heart of Europe? The image film “Welcome to Germany – The Land for Your Ideas” showcases Germany as an innovative, cosmopolitan and exuberant country.

The Lidl-Story

THE LIDL-STORY sheds light on one of the greatest mysteries in the German history of trade. LIDL and Kaufland are well known businesses in Germany – after all, nearly 40 million Germans shop here regularly. But what about the story behind the retail giant?