Leopold Hoesch
Jobst Knigge
Nina Hetzer
1 x 45'
Peter Hassmann
Dynasties in NRW
The Counts of Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff

They have a big name, live on a grand estate. From their ranks comes Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, they own land, forest and a company of unique tradition.

The WDR documentary "The Counts of Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff" tells the impressive story of a striking noble dynasty from North Rhine-Westphalia. In the middle of Germany, in the Teutoburg Forest, in the far north of the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Marcus Graf von Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff runs the "Gräflicher Park Hotel & Spa" in Bad Driburg together with his wife Annabelle in the seventh generation, in addition to the Bad Driburg Natural Park Springs and a clinic group. Over the course of 225 years, a first-class luxury spa has been created with guests from all over the world. Jette Joop, Vicky Leandros, Fritz Wepper, but also Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Otto Graf Lambsdorff have been regular guests of the hotel for decades.

BROADVIEW TV was commissioned by WDR to tell the eventful history of the noble dynasty of the Counts of Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff. For the first time, film author Jobst Knigge manages to offer very personal insights into the world of the Oeynhausen-Sierstorpffs. In addition to exclusive interviews with family members, companions and well-known personalities from North Rhine-Westphalia, the director is able to draw on previously unreleased private and archive film footage.

First broadcast: Fri, 13 March 2009, 20:15, WDR.

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