1 x 43'
Leopold Hoesch
Annebeth Jacobsen und Manfred Oldenburg
Germany's big clans
Die Joop-Story

Wolfgang Joop and his daughter Jette are among Germany's most important designers. Both regularly make headlines. Wolfgang: the eternal boy, the "wunderkind", the fashion genius, the artist. No matter what he does, he fascinates and polarises in equal measure. Jette carries her name to market with business sense and clever calculation. She makes millions with her designs, whether in jewellery, fashion or simply household goods. On the red carpet, she stages herself as a femme fatale to strengthen her brand. "Publicity is my destiny," she says.

Father and daughter - two strong characters who keep rubbing up against each other. But they are united by their creativity and the daring to reinvent themselves again and again. The future will show whether the Joops will remain a design dynasty, whether it will continue in the third generation - and whether father and daughter can finally make peace.

In the film, Joop himself and renowned experts have their say, as do companions who rarely give insights into the life of the designer family, such as Wolfgang's husband Edwin Lemberg or his ex-wife Karin Joop-Metz.

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