Leopold Hoesch
Lukas Hoffmann
Kirby Welcker & Lilly Solms & Britta Luckas
Lars Roland
Daniel Brühl
Mr. Marvelous

He shoots with stars like Chris Hemsworth and Quentin Tarantino. Whether a manic racing driver or a Marvel villain - Daniel Brühl can play anything. That wasn't always the case. He became famous with "Good Bye, Lenin!" - and began the fight against the cliché of the nice son-in-law. At the height of his career, he is now venturing into new territory: his debut as a director. As a child, Brühl was already vying for attention. The urge to slip into roles came to him early on. Through his father's work as a director at WDR in Cologne, Brühl came into contact with the film world at an early age. Instead of attending drama school, he watched old film classics and soon received his first offers for television roles. One film will change his life forever: The tragicomedy "Good Bye, Lenin!".

The film is a resounding success and breaks records, both nationally and internationally. Brühl is known all over the world in one fell swoop. He receives many awards for his performance. A blessing and a curse at the same time, because from now on he is only offered film roles as "the nice guy" in Germany. Brühl wants to escape the cliché and flees abroad. He reinvents himself under the direction of Quentin Tarantino and in the Marvel universe. Here Brühl gets to show a different face - the multi-layered villain. A role that challenges him and that German film and its audience have long denied him. Thus, his directorial debut 2021 is also dedicated to the theme that hovers over his entire career: his image, which he settles with in "Next Door".


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