1 x 90'
HDTV 16:9
Torsten Körner
MDR, arte
Angela Merkel
The Chancellor

The documentary takes time to show the staying power of the exceptional politician Angela Merkel and traces fundamental questions: Was the chancellor a guarantor of stability in stormy times or is she responsible for political stagnation? How does she feel about the refugee situation in 2015? How does she assess her climate policy? Did she ultimately fail as a Corona campaigner? Was she more of an advocate of the moment as a crisis chancellor? Where does her resilience come from and what drove her?

The renowned documentary filmmaker and television prize-winner Torsten Körner embarks on a biographical-political search for clues that stretches from Templin to Washington, from the building of the Wall to the fall of the Wall and beyond. He traces the mental patterns and historical formative forces that made the young physicist from the GDR a leading politician at breathtaking speed? What means and virtues did she use to assert herself in Bonn's male republic at the beginning of the 1990s? Why did she - in contrast to most other East German women politicians - succeed in this unprecedented rise, which ultimately led her to the Federal Chancellery?

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