Question of age

Towards establishing biomarkers of human ageing “European Study to Establish Biomarkers of Human Ageing (MARK-AGE)” brings together 26 groups located in 14 European countries. The scientific background is the following: The rate of ageing in humans is not uniform, age-related changes in body function or composition that could serve as a measure of “biological” age and predict the onset of age-related diseases and/or residual lifetime are termed “biomarkers of ageing”. Within the MARK-AGE project, a population study (3,700 probands) will be conducted to identify a set of biomarkers of ageing. The range of candidate biomarkers to be tested includes (a) “classical” ones for which data from several smaller studies have been published; (b) “new” ones, based on recent preliminary data, as well as (c) “novel” ones, based on recent research on mechanistic aspects of ageing.

Länge 1 x 10'
Jahr 2011
Genre Science Documentary
Format 16:9 HDTV
Regie Duncan Copp, Stefanie Kern
Kunde European Commission
Vertrieb United Docs